Flocking Extensions.

Every net addict has developed their own _view_ of the Internet. As we go on browsing, we customize the browser the way we want it. For the _can’t-help_ conditions, we just settle down with an eye open for a silver lining. That’s when the extensions start calling. With extensions we can customize and _extend_ almost all of our browsing needs. In fact, extensions are a must for any serious... read more


Here is our final year branch video. This is the video of IT 2K5 batch, NITK, Surathkal. Enjoyed every bit making it !! Really miss the great hostel life It’s 3min approx and may take a while. I would suggest to pause the video until it’s completely buffered and then play it, so that there won’t be any hitches in between. You’ll also need flash enabled for this. Well, here it is,... read more

TiddlyWiki – The Future?

Wiki came. Blogs came. Podcasts came. Vodcasts are almost here. Now this old Wiki thing is all set to become the next new thing. TiddlyWiki is the Wiki flavor of the season. Why? ’cause it’s got a funny name Well, it’s really fun using and building it too. It’s built on a very powerful but simple concept. “Human minds are a lot better at taking information in little tiny... read more

50 Tools For Writing.

I Stumble!d upon today. Great tips on writing technique. Quoting some snippets. Tool 1: Branch to the Right Begin sentences with subjects and verbs, letting subordinate elements branch to the right. Even a long, long sentence can be clear and powerful when the subject and verb make meaning early. Now imagine this: A reporter writes a lead sentence with subject and verb at the beginning,... read more

The First Trail

Flock has been around for some time now. A plethora of web browsers exist, each catering to almost all normal needs. Hence I didn’t bother myself to try out this new browser. Firefox worked great. A host of extensions made browsing needs almost complete. It was like, there could be nothing better. Two days ago, after a lot of lazing around, I decided to try Flock. Doesn’t look much different... read more
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