The First Trail

Flock has been around for some time now. A plethora of web browsers exist, each catering to almost all normal needs. Hence I didn’t bother myself to try out this new browser. Firefox worked great. A host of extensions made browsing needs almost complete. It was like, there could be nothing better. Two days ago, after a lot of lazing around, I decided to try Flock.

Doesn’t look much different from Firefox. Of course, it’s a sister project. The important thing is about this social browsing concept being _in-built_ into the browser. Social browsing is becoming more of a normal affair. And extending browser through extensions doesn’t somehow give that power and robustness. A more important point is, as the browsers evolve, Flock will naturally adapt to social browsing than would Firefox. As the global village emerges, social browsing becomes a _necessity_.

Some Features of Flock I Liked Most:

  1. The sharing of favorites and synchronizing with my online profiles. So, I don’t loose out on any of my bookmarked links. Adds the powerful tag based bookmarking.
  2. Blogging tools like Shelf, Photo Uploader, My Blogs. These are indispensable tools for some serious blogging [ especially for some kinds of blogs as this one].
  3. Tagging My blog posts.
  4. Support for, Flickr, Shadows, Blogger, WordPress, TypePad.
  5. Supports most of the _can’t-live-without_ firefox extensions.

This doesn’t mean that Flock is an absolute bliss. It’s not even completely beta yet. It crashes nearly 4-5 times everyday [which means I loose my ongoing sessions ]. Very Very Annoying. Some extensions don’t work well. No extra themes yet…. But they’ll anyway get better.

This is not my first blog. Once in a full moon I did write something at my _very-scattered_ blogs and forums. Later, I got my domain. After another half year, I got a free web hosting provider with no-ads at 50webs. Sufficient for blogging activities.

Now as I browse, I can put my notes, interesting web snippets, links, etc., on to the shelf. Start posting my day’s blog. Retrieve from shelf, things relevant for that post using simple drag-n-drop. Publish the post.

Now blogging no more becomes a separate _task_ but a _way_ of my online presence.

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2 Responses to “The First Trail”

  1. epiac1216 says:

    I agree with you that Flock is an evolution of social browsers. As the blogging trend increases, Flock improve to attend their needs.

    I’ve been using Flock since it was first launched a few months ago and loved its looks and performance. I have not experienced much crashing or freezes. Now I’m using the latest version 0.5.12 which seems to be very stable.

    However, I miss the Standard Bookmarks of Firefox. Can’t get accustomed to or Shadows; mainly because they are difficult to manage. I have about 120 bookmarks to help newbies at Mozilla Firefox Forum and need a good Bookmarks Manager. Flock is not very good with bookmarks. For all the rest it shines.

    BTW, I enjoyed the addition of Spellbound as a speller; now I want a dictionary and a Thesaurus.



  2. Gubbi says:

    Yeah I too feel it’s not very trivial to jump to required bookmark. But hey, there’s an extension which adds bookmarking capability to Flock. Haven’t tried it though. As Flock has completely removed the bookmarking concept as it earlier was, it takes time to adjust. But even then, I find tags a more powerful and better way to retrive our bookmarks. Hopefully enhancements will come in further versions.

    I installed this WordIq extension which gives dictionary/thesaurus in a toolbar.

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