Flocking Extensions.

Every net addict has developed their own _view_ of the Internet. As we go on browsing, we customize the browser the way we want it. For the _can’t-help_ conditions, we just settle down with an eye open for a silver lining. That’s when the extensions start calling.

With extensions we can customize and _extend_ almost all of our browsing needs. In fact, extensions are a must for any serious browsing. Everybody kind of has this _must-have_ list of extensions, without which browsing becomes an ordeal.

Just like people wish to expresses themselves in their way of dressing, walking and styles, extensions have become an integral part of our net presence and outlook. Extensions speak loads about a person’s online tastes, preferences, way of presenting and existing.

Now, coming straight to the point, I was annoyed and had even uninstalled Flock and sweared never to use this thing again till it fixes this. Well, I just couldn’t install my favorite extensions, without which it’s like I’m a handicap :-) As we can use most of firefox extensions in Flock, I tried installing all my favorites and it just kept complaining about the unsupported version. So thought good old firefox is _the best_ thing. But then, the silver line did appear :-) There is this link where u give the link to a firefox extension and it’ll do the magic for you. It will edit the version info inside the extension, to silence it’s false complaints. Flock did provide a link to a tool which has to be downloaded and will make all our downloaded extensions Flock compatible, but it’s much more easier to just give a link to my extension and get back the modified one for download. This way, I’ll only download the version I want.

Here’s my list of _must-have_ extensions :

  • Tab Mix Plus.
  • Restart Flock.
  • Download Statusbar.
  • NoScript.
  • FasterFox.
  • FoxyTunes.
  • StumbleUpon.
  • All-In-One Sidebar.
  • Bloglines Toolkit
  • Gmail Manager.
  • QuickNote.
  • SmoothWheel.
  • Resizeable Textarea. [especially when I'm frequently updating by blogger template code.]

Other useful extensions :

  • ImageZoom. [ Just ossom.]
  • WordIQ Toolbar. [ For dictionary/thesaurus.But online querying everytime is too slow.]
  • easyGestures.
  • MeasureIt.
  • Clean cookies for this site.

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