Attention Economy vs Net Neutrality.

There is this interesting discussion in /. about the costs of a tiered internet. It has interesting points which highlight the extra burden consumers suffer in this whole _Attention_ economy concept, something which I tried to explain in this previous blog. technorati tags: attention-economy, internet, neutrality, the-holy-trail,... read more

Breaking free of Empires.

You know, as a kid I always admired empires. Great big empires. Full of grandeur, majesty and power. That is to say, I admired the great, huge and the powerful. Anyway, a kid grows up and so did I. I now have a completely different view of this world. My definition of grandness, majesty and power have changed. I now find that the idea of _Empires_ contradicts all that I admired as a kid. Not wishing to... read more