The Holy Trail Continues.

This is the 6th makeover to my blogging since I started it.. And looking back at all the earlier posts, I see many other posts about a makeover… fresh start… Pretty common for the blogs eh? ;-)

Yet Another New Day. Yet Another New Start.

Yet Another New Day. Yet Another New Start.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Version 3:
Changed The Hol Trail to a FTP setup posting to

Version 4:
Switched The Holy Trail to WordPress. That was a hard decision to make :) And it did involve compromises… One was I couldn’t find as pretty a theme as on my blogger blog. Two, I had to let go of it’s poetic description since wordpress taglines are single lines… Three, customizing themes on blogger was a lot lot easier. And many more hardships for leaving the comfy blogger… Was it worth it? Nothing major in the look and feel of the blog… I suspect, I could have achieved it with blogger too. But I guess it was more to do with ideas of control over my content, the innumerable plugin system that I had come to like on firefox and just plain curiosity. For all the hardships in migration, my gut feeling was wordpress has to be better and it has to be right, because it’s doing it the right way. :-)

Version 5:
Fragmentation of blogs into 3 different ones intended to portray different persona separated  from each other… Tech (La Gubya), Personal (The Holy Trail) and Random/Political/General Interactions/Theories/Opinions (Gaa Gaa Gubbi)

Version 6:
Everything including the older blogger blogs and the newer wordpress blogs aggregated here as LaGubya. Going forward however, I’ll put up personal updates and photographs on which will aggregate other data from various places like twitter, delicious, youtube… anything new that might come up and of course, content from this blog.

Today, I’m a happy wordpress user. I smiled looking at my first blog post about how I was trying to do everything as much as possible for free… and that what I was looking for is to have a website kind of thing rather than a blog… That quest is still on btw :-) but over I now want to have a proper blogging platform and then a website where I can aggregate all my content on. The needs keep changing from time to time… and many things hadn’t even existed in my world view back when I started off.

I payed for my domain then and everything else was free.

I’m now paying for my hosting, since I realized free ones were pathetic in their reliability and stability. But a really decent hosting option had a lott of features that I didn’t really need. So, after hopping over a couple of hosting providers, I finally, half heartedly, switched to a hosting provider recommended by wordpress at dreamhost and they had an irresistible offer on the occassion of Obama’s election :-)

I’m now paying for my blog theme, on which once upon a time I would spend countless hours customizing, making them flexible width, changing fonts, sizes, colors, and sometimes making entirely new layouts, before deciding the theme really isn’t that good as a base to start off with and then starting all over again off another theme… I still spend hours on them, even after paying, but not as much.

I’m not paying for my wordpress :-)

I’ll close with the poetic description of The Holy Trail:

~* The Holy Trail *~

From what I see, from where I stand,
Spreads the vast and vibrant land.

A wish to see the valley deep,
Up the wavy long lanes leap,
Hmm…. miles to go before I sleep.

A song to hum till bright lights pale,
Picking and peeking, off I sail,
Along there, lies the holy trail….

I liked the “miles to go before I sleep” line from the time I first heard it :-)

Version 1:
Pensive Pouch:
My Scrap Book:
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