Yahoo’s New Ad Needs More Thought.

PluggdIn writes about this new Yahoo Ad and expresses surprise over their boldness on attacking Google head on.

Yahoo! Tile Video @ Yahoo! Video

In this Ad, I couldn’t help but notice the irony when he says “It’s everything you are into, all in one place, all within easy reach” while showing a heap of haphazardly scattered icons about thousands of topics and sites, many repeating themselves many times. Easily reachable? Yeah. Right. Good luck with that.

I mean, what are they really trying to solve here? Are they trying to be a mini browser within a browser?

And when he says, quite proudly, that unlike that “other” company, they don’t really want you to be anonymous, it’s quite scary for those who know what it means. And being a mini browser within a browser will give them just that. Whats in it for me?

Also, as pointed out in several comments to the pluggdin post, they are comparing apples to oranges. They are actually competing with iGoogle/Google Reader/Recommendations, but instead comparing to Google Search. I wonder why. Maybe they think this could make search redundant and replace it altogether. But that’s a very long shot to be making now.

Whats your take on this Ad?

[PS: I'm glad I have my own blog space to express my ideas. I'm tired of wussies blocking me from their comment sections for being critical of their articles once in a while. Couldn't post on pluggdin post. So here it is.]

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