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For long I have been pondering about the nature of the words: Kannada, Karu nadu, Karnataka… and the Greek word for this language Canarese. Also the fact that Brahui, lone dravidian language out there was bothering me for some time… Although it is now considered a recent migration… I sought to start with Canarese, break it up into parts… Canara-ese: language spoken in Canara Canara:... read more

Jan Lokpal Bill

This is a post in response to this article written by @acron. It is entirely other thing to demand that the legislation drafted by an self-appointed, unaccountable and unrepresentative set of people be passed at the threat of blackmail. Why do you have to resort to lying in order to make your point? Why do you willfully mis-characterize the nature of the protest? The promoters and supporters of Jan... read more