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Jan Lokpal Bill

This is a post in response to this article written by @acron. It is entirely other thing to demand that the legislation drafted by an self-appointed, unaccountable and unrepresentative set of people be passed at the threat of blackmail. Why do you have to resort to lying in order to make your point? Why do you willfully mis-characterize the nature of the protest? The promoters and supporters of Jan... read more

Yahoo’s New Ad Needs More Thought.

PluggdIn writes about this new Yahoo Ad and expresses surprise over their boldness on attacking Google head on. Yahoo! Tile Video @ Yahoo! Video In this Ad, I couldn’t help but notice the irony when he says “It’s everything you are into, all in one place, all within easy reach” while showing a heap of haphazardly scattered icons about thousands of topics and sites, many repeating... read more

Third Party Batteries and Power Adapters on Dell Laptops.

Dell has a slimy trick. Many people choose them for customizability, cost benefit compared to some brands and quality. All these are great reasons to buy Dell laptops. However, they have a trojan horse kind of a trick with them that goes unnoticed until much later. It’s their batteries and power adapter. Dell logo Dell batteries don’t have a long life and often they start failing after 1 or 1.5... read more

The Holy Trail Continues.

This is the 6th makeover to my blogging since I started it.. And looking back at all the earlier posts, I see many other posts about a makeover… fresh start… Pretty common for the blogs eh? Yet Another New Day. Yet Another New Start. Version 1: Vinuth Mahipal Reddy Madinur: Pensive Pouch: My Scrap Book:... read more

College, Enthusiasm and Studies.

Professor is six minutes late.   Venu wrote a nice post presenting his hypothesis to explain the decline in enthusiasm with regards to studies among the undergrad students.  It was a great read and a good topic to contemplate on. Go read his post to understand what exactly I’m responding to.  The “pecking order” might be one of the factors. But I’m not entirely convinced. I... read more
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