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Sen6 Gallery Widget

Recently we launched Sen6 Gallery Widget, which can be placed anywhere where javascript can be added. Below is a sample widget of Puneet Vijay’s Gallery on Sen6: If you know a little javascript, below is a small walk through of the widget code. <script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8"></script> You can place this script tag either in... read more

The Holy Trail Continues.

This is the 6th makeover to my blogging since I started it.. And looking back at all the earlier posts, I see many other posts about a makeover… fresh start… Pretty common for the blogs eh? Yet Another New Day. Yet Another New Start. Version 1: Vinuth Mahipal Reddy Madinur: Pensive Pouch: My Scrap Book:... read more

I’ve been Tagged !! :)

My goodie good friend here has tagged me Was scared of getting tagged fearing what beans need to be spilled. But she is a good person and the rules are manageable. So Thanks !! 1. Family: Conversation snippets with my Maa. 2. Friends: umm, well nothing here. But I guess I can fit this by slightly bending the rules 3. Myself: This and this and the current post.       4. Love: Hmmm. I’m a... read more

Signal Patterns

Music Pattern: People who know me say I’m sadistic, which I’ve always denied. And still do Personality Pattern: This, I actually took countless times to get the result I wanted So, take it with a grain of salt. I liked their new revision of music patterns and their integration with imeem is awesome. It recommended me songs that surprised me. There were a couple of Hindi songs too. I... read more


I am looking forward to picking up the following during next few months. Languages/VM/Libraries: Erlang/OTP J Platforms: Facebook Application Platform OpenSocial Protocols: XMPP ATOM Pub/Sub Database: Hadoop Mnesia CouchDB memchached (its too simple and powerful.) Deployment: Amazon EC2/S3/SimpleDB. Google AppEngine. (If they support languages other than python by the time I’m done with the... read more
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