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Third Party Batteries and Power Adapters on Dell Laptops.

Dell has a slimy trick. Many people choose them for customizability, cost benefit compared to some brands and quality. All these are great reasons to buy Dell laptops. However, they have a trojan horse kind of a trick with them that goes unnoticed until much later. It’s their batteries and power adapter. Dell logo Dell batteries don’t have a long life and often they start failing after 1 or 1.5... read more

Vista WinSXS woes & MS Brilliance.

Lets start with this: I received Vista SP1 update. I have installed Vista on a 13 GB partition, and I had only around 700 MB left. After downloading the update, it said minimum 2GB required. So I set out to explore what is eating so much memory. Turned out Windows folder took a good 10.2 GB of it. And digging deeper the system32 folder took 4.17 GB and there was this other folder named winsxs which took... read more