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Email enabling Spring Applications.

Using gmail smtp server, JavaMail and Spring IOC, we can quickly put together a simple mail sending application, without any SMTP server installation. Check this out for a detailed description of using gmail as smtp server. Thanks to Enrico for blogging smtp spring configuration. Assuming you have used Spring before, here is a short tutorial: Add mail.jar from JavaMail project to build path. In spring... read more

Styles for Movable Type 4

Very few themes/styles are available for Movable Type 4 as of now. The nice themes over at  The Style Archive do not yet work for MT4. However 3 of those themes have been ported and I’m using the Hemingway theme for my blog over at Gaa Gaa Gubbi. Installing these themes is very easy. This is one of the things I liked in MT4 over WP2.5, although number of themes available for WP far outnumber MT4.... read more

Movable Type Open Source Hosting.

I searched a lot for a free hosting service where I can test run a movable type 4 open source blog. You can access the installed blog here. The problem I faced was file size limitation in most free web hosts, which is usually 300KB. After a lot of looking around I found this very good web host which provides free plan with lots of advanced features at x10hosting. This host has much higher file size... read more